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Brittney Lashes

A light set of mink lash extensions for a natural, but noticeable look.  New to lash extensions?  The “Brittney” lashes are fun, flirty, and functional.  This set is considered short in length.

Arielle Lashes

When you want to take your lashes to the next level, the “Arielle” lashes are a medium length look with a touch of flare.

Salina Lashes

The “Salina” lashes are bold, glamorous, and almost over the top! These long lashes will definitely gets you noticed.

Jahara Lashes

These lashes are not for the faint of heart. When you want the ultimate long, lavish, and luxurious look, the “Jahara” is the only way to go.   This set length is extra-long.

Momma Shay Lashes

These lashes are the best of the best.  Are you looking for a little more volume? Are you dramatic?  Then, book the Momma Shay set.  These are hybrid lashes that will take you from "yas" to "yaaaaaaassss".  You can get this set in any length!

Annie Lashes

If you were to take the Momma Shay Lashes and make them more voluminous you would have the Annie Set.  This is an all volume set that you can get this set in any length!

2 or 3 Weeks Fills

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